Wednesday, May 9, 2018


I am beside myself. I cannot even bring myself to read the newspaper. The country--no, the world itself--is now clearly in the grip of a man who lacks both conscience and compassion. No thinking person can remain unaware of the fact that he acts impulsively, without knowledge, information, or experience. He is like a child possessed of an evil demon. Spite, envy and hatred control his every decision. Every person drawn into his sphere of influence is contaminated by his toxicity. The stink of corruption emanates not only from the White House but from the entire government of the United States. The world looks on, askance...

Right Speech does not compel us to avert our eyes and say nothing when we see evil in the world. When the truth is unpleasant, we are obliged to speak it.

So how to maintain any sense of equanimity with this calamitous fiasco infringing daily on one's peace of mind? The only recourse I know of is the meditation practice. It offers a momentary shelter in which to find transcendence from the chaos that surrounds us. It is a place that I can visit at a moment of my choice, a retreat into the reality of simple truth.

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