Saturday, April 21, 2007


A welcome rain for much of the day yesterday. It has been too long since we saw any here in Southern California, and I think we are still twelve inches below normal for this time of year. That's twelve out of fourteen or fifteen... You could almost hear the sign of relief as the earth drank it in. Then last night, as I took George for his evening walk, a strikingly clear crescent moon and the shadow of the unseen remainder of its sphere amongst the few remaining wisps of cloud, along with the brilliant silver pinpoints of the stars and planets.

This morning, the birds sing joyfully...

I followed yesterday's meditation on happiness with a second one today. The first step of metta only, happiness for myself. And found myself, after a half hour, moving on naturally into that second step, the family, Ellie and Sarah, my two sons, the grandchildren, our sisters and their families... The breath felt effortless and smooth, and I managed to maintain a good level of attention throughout--though I did notice how the mind became impatient to move on to "more important" things toward the end.

As usual, I am happy to wake up here in our little cottage in Laguna Beach. There is a quality of relative calm here that contrasts with the intensity and bustle of Los Angeles, which makes itself evident even in the early morning hours. A kind of electricity in the air, a stir of energy, a glow of city lights throughout the night, a ceaseless hum of sound. Here, in the early hours, even where we live, a few blocks from the ocean front, you can almost always hear the waves break...


Anonymous said...

What a great lesson on human unity! Here in Missouri I was outside my dorm last night, lying on the lawn admiring the very same moon that you enjoyed later in the evening. It was completely cloudless here in Springfield, and it's really great to think that even though we were separated by thousands of miles, we could still look up and be one group united under the beautiful night sky. Thanks, Peter!

carly said...

P: Eli extends and shares an affinity with you. Love works were there are affinities, like two tones which when played together, vibrate together in a pleasant sound. This is in accord with a universal law of attraction.

I like to think of this as three-dimensional spheres, multitudes of affinity spheres, which overlap, or merge, and intersect partially where things are in agreement. Your sphere merges dimensionally with those who return your loving concern. Your sphere of influence merges with the guy blogging at Digital Dharma.

The influence works when we put out a thought or a feeling, or even just a look in our eyes, of creative consideration. Extending good will and friendliness affects the sphere of any who will respond because of the natural affinity and common ground. Compatible intellects intersect and since they have dimension, they are like spheres of agreement and influence. And when they strike a note of recognition in the other intellect, a permanent or temporary bond occurs. Thus some spheres are in motion and changing where they intersect. Others are more stably attached over more time.

So, when things that are meant to be together are drawn together, even if the spheres intersect ever so little, a light is born at the intersection. That intersection is an area of happiness, a source of happiness, when two intellects harmonize in accord. That light is one kind of happiness. Volumes of words could and have been written about that light.

A good thing to remember is that a wicked man's sphere may intersect with a good man's sphere or it may be impossible for them ever to connect. So that many spheres will never intersect. We cannot force it. Or if we try, it may meet with a bad result. This happens when we are unwise.

Another good thing to remember is that one need not even think about it. For the spheres connect naturally without one trying. There is no need to attempt to make them unite. And there is no need to attempt to keep them together. Since everything is as it should be, and if it is not, it is not meant to be, a man need only be receptive and attentive to the coming and goings of his and others spheres of influence and conjunction.

Things that vibrate together, belong together and nothing we can do could further or hinder this already perfect plan.

If you decide to be the best person you can be, it will be recognized by others who share that portion of your sphere. Every part of you shares a sphere with others at the corresponding part. The love will connect in a completely self-realizing way. And your spheres will intersect by as much as however strong that influence is felt. There is no need to will it. It is futile, indeed, in some cases, unwise.

PeterAtLarge said...

Thanks, Eli. And Carly, you have so much to say of insight and value, I'm beginning to wonder when you're going to lay it all out in your own blog! We could share links...! Cheers, PaL