Friday, May 18, 2007


Well, here we are in Merrie Olde. Well, hardly Olde. This is Heathrow Airport. And not really very Merrie. Long lines everywhere, particularly at security. Strictly enforced rules. Ellie was carrying her side bag AND a very small handbag, and the sign said one bag only. Before being allowed to enter security, she had to put the hand bag into the side bag--to create, yes! one bag. The airport is a veritable rabbit warren and a polyglot, so many human beings headed importantly, like ourselves, in their various directions. Across the way from where I sit at my pay computer (two pounds in the slot!) I see Harrods of Knightsbridge--the airport version. Somehow it doesn't feel like "home."

An easy flight, though. Ellie had bought our tickets months ago, and thanks to her foresight, we were able to upgrade for the transatlantic leg of our trip. United seemed to have imporved quite a bit since our last lengthy trip. Good food, pleasant service, easy access to flim and music. All in all, the time went very fast. Grateful for that. We're waiting, now, for our Lufthansa flight to Munich. Ellie perusing the shops. PaL at his little rental computer, posting to The Buddha Diaries. (I was grateful also, this morning early, for a good half hour's meditation on the plane. It makes all the difference to the waiting in lines!)

More later, from Germany, assuming I can find the access. Should be no problem. And the time. That could be harder. Good wishes to all Buddha Diaries friends!

PS I notice there are several comments on yesterday's entries. Thank you! Please understand, though, that I won't be responding very much from Europe. Love to hear from you. Always read you--and often respond. Patience, please, for the next three weeks! Cheers, PaL


carly said...

Germany! We didn't know you were going there. We were there recently. Need any tips? We did Berlin, Dachau, Munich, Bavarian castles, and the Romantic Road up to Rottenburg, a medieval town not to be missed, and neither, the Nightwatchman Tour.

Goiing to Austria? Good info on that too.

carly said...

Michael Moore has finished "Sicko" and is on to Cannes with it. Weird, hairy government action already around the film. A quote from his letter to us, "I was floored when our lawyers told me this. "Are you saying they might actually confiscate our movie?"

Entire letter in your email, Peter.

Go, Micheal, Go. Can "Sicko" win at CANNES?

PeterAtLarge said...

Carly, thanks for the response--and for the offer. Please note that I'm purposely not accessing my email while I'm gone. Cardozo is in charge of anything that needs immediate attention. We're in Munich now, as you see, but here only for a couple of nights, than up to Nuermberg to catch a riverboat down through Vienna to Budapest. Too late for tips, I fear... Aufwiedersehen, PaL