Saturday, June 2, 2007


Okay, it's a day for family pictures. A glorious day in England. All sun. No cloud, no rain. Just clear blue skies, warm sunshine. We all piled in the family Toyota Previa

and drove over to Knebworth Manor, the family home of the Lytton dynasty. Admired the manor house

--from the oustide only--and the lovely gardens.

(Alice--the promised face shot.)

(PaL with son and daughter-in-law.)

(Ellie, with Alice and Georgie.)

I'm not sure why, but my eye has been drawn especially to the trees on this visit.

Perhaps it has grown weary of palm and eucaplyptus! We roamed along the dinosaur trail,

nicely done; had a good lunch (I couldn't resist the hangers and mash!) in the tea room; and wandered on down to Fort Knebworth, an eleaborate and delightful playground for the children.

In the evening, a wonderful dinner in the back garden: Matthew's hors d'oeuvres (bacon-wrapped asparagus, grilled squash chunks) and his risotto and pork steaks, along with Diane's salad. And to bed. An uncomplicated, wonderful family day.

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