Saturday, July 7, 2007

Live Earth

It being Live Earth day today, I'm content to hold my fire until tomorrow. I do have something I need to say. I just saw Michael Moore's "Sicko" last night, and I'm not going to let it pass without comment. Meantime, I leave it to the musicians. I hope you're listening, wherever you are. I've noticed there are more and more people throughout the world checking in to The Buddha Diaries, and that's a heartening thought. My ambition would be for us all to be talking to each other in the interest of our common good and our common survival, and I know that the Internet is facilitating that possibility. As for Live Earth, I can only hope that it leads to something much bigger than itself--not just a day when famous entertainers of good heart and good intention gather globally to draw attention to a "problem." What we need, of course, is nothing less than a radical change in the way we humans go about our lives. And that change, as I see it, is going to demand an awful lot of sacrifice. Are we up for that?


kourtney said...

Your comment was really appreciated. Your site is amazing-- I'm going to get back to reading it!

They call him James Ure said...

We watched, "Live Earth" for most of the day yesterday and it was an excellent show. However, like you I wonder what it actually, "did."

Hopefully it gets people to rise up and do the hard, drastic work needed.

I bow to the Buddha within you friend.


Themindtaker said...

Hey, I've started reading you at recommendation of Lindsey (in Lawrence). Live Earth was tasty to say the least, let's just hope it made some kind of impact with the people watching who weren't already on board with environmental awareness. The change is going to "demand an awful lot of sacrifice. Are we up for that?"

I think we can get a lot of people using CFL bulbs and riding bicycles to some extent, but such a huge part of the problem is the big business contingency that makes boat loads of money off of gas guzzling SUVs and neurotoxin producing coal plants.

So the question becomes do we have enough of a voice to convince the lawmakers to start putting stricter fuel efficiency standards on the auto-makers who are funding their politicians campaigns? It all goes back to the almighty dollar. If only we could start lowering the cost of political campaigns and take the democratic voice away from lobbyists and back to the people, maybe we could stop lumbering beast of capitalism and start restoring the consummate beauty of our little blue planet.

PeterAtLarge said...

Good to hear from you, James. AND from two new friends--thanks for checking in, both. I'll watch out for your blogs! And yes, it's going to take more than a global concert; it's going to take a global mind-change, a lot of preparedness to sacrifice, and politicians strong enough--and foolhardy enough?--to take a risk. Cheers, PaL

Mark said...

Perhaps we should think about spitting out that proverbial apple we took a bite out of so long ago. The problem is I'm not quite sure how we return ourselves to that mindset yet.

PK said...

Well Peter, at one person at a time we can do it. We can't look at our neighbor and say, "what's the use, they aren't doing it", it takes just doing it and maybe it will shame the others into doing it. My vehicle is gone, I can use a Taxi cheaper than the gas, tabs, insurance and upkeep I had on the blasted thing. I use the CFL bulbs, have canvas bags for my groceries, and turn off my computer at night, or if I won't be using it for long periods of time. Now I'm not saying that this will change the world, but my little niche in it it will. And if everyone thought this way, we'd do it. Then we have our collective governments around the world... We have to set an example here in the states, if we don't no one is going to do much... There are a handful out there who can see what's happening and are doing something, but how can you override us and China!!?? We are 2 of the biggest polluters of all!!! Have you seen pictures of what comes out of the stacks in some of these big cities? It's abominable! Some Japanese cities you can't even breathe the air in the downtown areas, people wear masks. There are other countries like that too. It's all in the governments, and we have to take a leading roll in this. What can we do as individuals? Start by sending E-mails to the House and Senate, get them off thier collective duffs and tell them you want them to take the lead in stopping this global warming. Jump right in, don't be afraid to do it. I do it every day, I'm a tax payer and a voter, I have rights, I'm one of the "People" the Constitution talks about, well, so are you all... get up in thier faces, don't be apathetic... Have a nice evening Peter :D.