Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Points North

In a couple of hours I leave for the wild blue yonder, specifically for British Columbia. It's a vacation. Ellie has been cooking it up in preparation for my birthday, and I'm looking forward to the chance to visit a part of the world I have never seen, but which I hear is beautiful. Still, some trepidation about the travel itself: everything I hear about air travel these days suggests that it is more difficult, even, than a year ago. New terrorist scares have made the security lines longer, and of course the summer crowds.

And yet... It will allow me the opportunity, perhaps, to breathe my way into some patience. A little Buddhist practice, I know, always serves me well.

I hope to continue to make entries in The Buddha Diaries, as I have done on travels in the past--most recently from our trip down the Danube (see below, right sidebar.) That is, assuming easy online access in the places that we visit. I do happen to know that there are some Buddha Diaries readers up in that area... Let me know if you're reading this and would enjoy a cup of coffee in Vancouver, Victoria, or points north. And please stay in touch. My able assistant, Cardozo, will be tending to the blog for here in Southern California--and I'm hoping to have some nice visuals to post. We'll see... Until later, blessings all around!

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