Thursday, August 9, 2007

Air Strikes

I was planning to keep quiet today, but I couldn't help myself. I suppose it must make some kind of military sense, but when American warplanes zoom in and wipe out dozens of civilian lives (NY Times, today, about Afghanistan, page 1, Baghdad, page 3) I suspect it's viewed as a cowardly way to wage war by the family and friends of those who die; not to mention thousands of their fellow citizens and millions of Muslims worldwide.


Richard said...

One life is one too many.

It's hard to see how it can make any kind of sense, unless they were thinking the word "terrorist", I suppose it would make sense to them. I don't think they understand that they're creating the very threat they're fighting, the idea that they do understand that and do it anyway is an awful one.

It's horrific, in trying to exterminate an "evil" western policy created, the west allows itself to become an even greater "evil" that the one it seeks to destroy.

I think our so called leaders need to be introduced to the idea of Karma, it it's not already too late.

Oh, I had a bash at correcting that link for you, can you give it a test please?

khengsiong said...

I am sure al-Qaeda and Taliban will take this opportunity to fan hatred against Americans. I'm worried the U.S. is making the same mistake they did in Vietnam.