Monday, September 10, 2007

A Bumper Sticker...

... spotted in Santa Barbara:


Well, I thought it was pretty funny. But why the laugh? I mean, we only laugh when it means something, right? For me personally, reflecting after the initial ha-ha, the sticker suggests that the course of my life eventually demonstrated convincingly that pre-conceived ideas--even, perhaps especially, religious ones--tend to get railroaded into oblivion by the weight of life's experience. Any thoughts?

Then there's this news, just in, brought to my attention by a friend. Tibetan monks, it seems, are now forbidden by their Chinese masters from reincarnating without government permission. Hmmm... Will we soon need FDA--or USDA!--approval to be born again?

Today I'll be putting together my log of our few days in Northern California, and all being well will hope to have it posted by the end of the day.

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robin andrea said...

I haven't seen that bumpersticker in a long time. I remember always finding it very funny. I think anything that runs over dogma is a good thing.

Government permission to reincarnate? I think someone wants to have way more power than they really ever have. Doesn't that fall under the category of unclear on the concept?