Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Friend...

So John McCain picks up the endorsement of our governor AND Rudy Giuliani. Does that mean two big, fat, bi-coastal states in his pocket?

I used to admire John McCain, in the days when he stood up against the Bush tax cuts, joined Russ Feingold in the attempt to get serious campaign finance reform, and seemed to support a relatively liberal social agenda.

Not any more. Not since he turned out to be a political clone of George W. Bush, but older. I don't hold age against him. Age is fine, if it comes with wisdom. What it seems to come with in McCain's case is further entrenched conservatism.

And I don't like his smile when he says, "My friend." It fails to hide the daggers.

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roger said...

what? my friend, (insert smiley face here) you think mccain may be insincere? the man who put party over both family and country? (insert another smiley)

he's every bit as sincere as romney. and way more sincere than rudy.

ok. i'll stop now. this is too easy.