Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cirencester (cont'd)

The good citizens of Cirencester had reason to be grateful to me, yesterday, for having brought with me another day of California sunshine. It was a truly gorgeous day, barely a cloud to be seen. But quite nippy, as we say hereabouts.

We started out taking Hugo to his drama class. Here's Hugo:

He's an actor:

No kidding. He performed a couple of pieces for us on my first night in town--including a tricky Shakespeare piece--and there's not doubt about the talent. And even though he's only ten, there's not doubt about the intention and the real dedication. And this is not just grand-avuncular pride! He's off to London today, auditioning for a rare place in a dedicated drama school. Wish him luck!

Then on to the Brewery Arts building, just re-opening after a major remodel with a fine show of Midland crafts and a good number of artists' studios. We paused for coffee at the new restaurant, where the staff were obviously green and underprepared for the large numbers of people who showd up for the occasion. But we managed to accept the delays with relative good nature, and enjoyed a good talk with Charlotte and Richard as we waited.

A pleasant lunch at home, then off to a wonderful farmer's market, just outside of town, where they sell all kinds of home-grown, organic goods--including homegrown lamb and pork from the farm--along with a wide variety of other organic groceries and household wares.

Here's my sister, Flora, by the way:

Good-looking family, no?

Back in town, we took a brief rest before returning for a stroll around the still-crowded shopping streets, stopping here and there for a visit with one of Flora's many friends. Followed by a quiet evening at home, with a delicious take-out Indian meal and an hour of entertaining British TV.

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