Saturday, March 29, 2008

Goodbye from Charleston

It's a quiet moment on Saturday afternoon in our Charleston inn, and I'm taking the opportunity to sign off for this trip. I do have some more images to post, but it has proved such a laborious process that I'm choosing to wait until my return to Southern California. We need to be up and on the road at six tomorrow morning, Sunday, for what we hope will be no more than a two-hour drive back to Savannah airport. Thence to Dulles International in Washington and, if all goes well, a connecting flight from there back to Los Angeles. Wish us luck. We're hoping for no repeat of last Sunday's fiasco. The weather reports tell us to expect "scattered morning thunderstorms" in the area. We trust they'll scatter in some other direction!

1 comment:

citizen of the world said...

SOunds like you guys had a wonderful trip. That SPanish moss always is my signal that I am truly in the deep South.