Friday, March 7, 2008

New Laptop

New laptop this morning.  An Apple MacBook.  I'd almost been seduced by that new, sleek, superthin supermodel type they have been advertising so heavily, so I took a look at that one at the Apple store.  Superthin comes at a cost, I discovered.  More style, less oomph.  Not even a CD burner.  It's cute, but not the sturdy tool I need for day-to-day work.   Then I looked at the MacBook Pro.  Very handsome, slender, has that sexy silvery look, a big screen.  But much more than I need as an auxiliary to the desktop in my study.  And more costly.

So I came back to the stalwart little MacBooks.  One black, one white.  I chose the black.  A bit more power, a bit more promise.  I know the white one well.  I have worked with it for quite some time now, and value its potential.  But the black one... well, it's a nice-looking job, practical, unpretentious.  And, yes, definitely more powerful.  More... eloquent, perhaps?  Time for a change, I decided.  This model could make a difference in my life.  So I ponied up and brought the black one home.

But enough of politics.  For myself, I'm looking forward to good results from my decision.  What do you think?    


robin andrea said...

I was going to buy a new macbook when we were still in California. The UCSC bookstore was out of them, so I came home empty-handed. (As a retired staff person, I get a bit of a discount.) I hope you will report on how much you like this new model. I am using my very trusted, nearly four-year old iBook. I know it's time for a change. Keep me posted.

Anonymous said...

We got our daughter an apple macbook about six months ago, and she absolutely loves it. I don't think you will be disappointed. Hope you got the applecare protection plan as well.

Anonymous said...

Here via Heart's blog. I was lured in my he blog title (I consider myself a Budhist Quaker), and will bookmark it to come back for a better look.

Hope the macbook works out for you. I just got a travel laptop - a little Fujitsu U810 - and am loooking forward to a chance to figure it out this weekend.

ellie said...

what a great black IBook. Congrats. I look forward to using it. So get ready for a fight.