Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hillary and Barack

A quick starter note while it's on my mind. I have changed my thinking somewhat in the matter of the Clinton-Obama spat. I was among those who was calling on Clinton to withdraw and allow the Democratic Party to heal and get its act together on the road to the convention. I think the party is stronger than that. I caught up with a recording of Bill Maher's "Real Time" from last Friday, and was impressed by the short street interviews that contradicted a piece of polling "wisdom" that's being touted by the pundits: that Hillary voters will vote for McCain rather than Obama, and vice versa. I believe Democratic voters, eventually, will vote Democratic. I also believe that the process, as ugly as it can get, is providing us with important information about each of the candidates and insight into their character. This whole notion that the Democrats are spoiling each others' chances for November is great fodder for the media. They love the drama of dire predictions, as they play on the anxieties and fears of those who take them seriously. Watching an interview with Barack Obama on the Today Show this morning, I was impressed by the respect he managed to convey for Hillary and his easy dismissal of anxieties around her tactics. I'm getting back to the Middle Way: this thing will work itself out exactly as it's meant to.

More later, once I get settled back into my office...

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robin andrea said...

I absolutely agree. Once we have a nominee we Democrats will support him or her. There's no way a true Democrat could ever pull the lever for John McCain. I don't mind the battle for the nomination. Well, it does irk me a bit, but that's what running for office is all about. The candidates distinguish themselves by their tactics.