Friday, April 25, 2008

A Wonderful Opportunity for Hillary

Senator Clinton, it seems to me, has been presented with a wonderful opportunity to regain some of the high regard in which she was once held, and from which in recent months she has fallen with many people like myself. All she would need to do is to come out with a strong, public statement decrying Republican attacks on Barack Obama on the issue of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Were she to express some understanding of where the pastor's fiery words might come from, and to support Obama's powerful utterances on race in America instead of muttering about how she, righteously, would have shunned this pastor's church, she would do much to rehabilitate herself with those of us who believe that Wright was right in substance, if infelicitous in tone. If she were now to side unambiguously with her own party instead of the Republican candidate on this issue, she would demonstrate to Americans a good faith that has been singularly lacking in her campaign of late.

Alas, I think the opposite is likely: my guess is that she will use the opportunity of Reverend Wright's re-emergence, with his appearance on Bill Moyers tonight, to cast more stones. Not having seen the interview, I'm holding my fire about its content, but the network media seem content to let loose before it airs. I do plan to watch...


Mercurious said...

That should be a very interesting interview. Better Moyers than the Fox or CNN guys.

I"m not holding my breath for Hillary to do the right thing here. This is politics, and if she's proven anything it's that she's a politician, through and through.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I’ve not heard anything from Hillary today. Maybe I’m not listening at the right place.

Speaking of right—I mean the Rev. Wright, who is a member of my demonization and who I have met more than once—perhaps I’m too prophetically theological, but I can’t understand what all of the uproar is about. This contemporary Jeremiah is much milder in his condemnation of our society than was the ancient prophet, Jeremiah. Rev. Wright has been doing what prophets have been doing for 3,000 years: standing in the middle of the road and confronting the king and his lackeys and anyone willing to listen with the truth about injustice and oppression.

Hell, I’ve been doing the same thing for over twenty years! It’s just that my congregations have never been as large as the audience of either Jeremiah and I’ve never had a parishioner run for president. Although I did have one who was the mayor.

I apologize for this jeremiad!

Cardozo said...

I agree, Peter, that now would be an excellent time for Hillary's loyalty to the party and its values to trump her presidential ambitions.

However, since this does not seem likely, I think it is time for Obama supporters to begin to ignore her and focus on drawing distinctions between Obama and McCain. After all, despite all the negative attacks Hillary's chances of pulling this thing out are extremely slim.

After Indiana and North Carolina, the delegate math will be impossible for even the headline-writers to ignore. The general election campaign should effectively start the next day.

seventh sister said...

Seems you were right

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I don't see that happening. Her entire campaign has been one of negativity and spite. The constant spotlight has shown us exactly who she is, and her behavior would be an amusing political caricature if it weren't so very dangerous to the rest of us.

Robin said...

If only politicians can practice mindfulness with wisdom and compassion, I am sure the world is a better place.

This race is so difficult to follow, and I hope the wisdom lies with the citizens in their final race. Somehow, people emphasize on the ethnics, colour, gender, speech, rather than on wisdom and compassion.

And Yes, you are so rite..

Fate's Granddaughter said...

I have been repeatedly saddened by Hillary's behaviour. While her politics have always been not-quite-left-enough for me, I was looking forward to seeing a strong female candidate to, if nothing else, set a great precedent for future campaigns. Instead I cringe on a daily basis.

I couldn't agree more with SSNick's comment on Rev Wright. I think it is time someone forced us to face the hard truth about our country - without accountability, how will change ever come about?