Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm Back...

I'm back. A good night's sleep last night, after a sixteen-hour journey from my son's house in Harpenden to our home in the Hollywood Hills. Culture shock set in as we drifted down over the San Bernardino mountains for a landing at LAX--and into the polluted air of Los Angeles. The freeways, though crowded, were a dream compared to the traffic we encountered in Moscow and St. Petersburg and, yesterday morning north of London, en route to Heathrow. Our garden looks beautiful, but overgrown. This morning, the New York Times arrived on our doorstep, with three great articles on the opinion page.

Okay, I'll need a little time to get my feet on the ground, catch up with the mail and the neglected office work, and get some rest. But The Buddha Diaries will resume its normal course. Greetings to all!

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robin andrea said...

Welcome home! What an amazing journey it's been. I loved seeing the photos of your family, and all the places you've been the past few weeks.

Looking forward to your commentary on our political scene as the election season unfolds over the long convention summer.