Monday, June 30, 2008

The Painting's Edge

Just back from the mountain.  I forgot to mention before leaving that I'd be up in Idyllwild for the weekend, at "The Painting's Edge."  I'm sure I have made reference to this two-week long residency for painters earlier in The Buddha Diaries, and of my preparations for the lecture I was scheduled to give there.  I can now report, briefly, that it was well received, and that I spent the entire day yesterday meeting with artists--thirteen, for a half hour each!--to talk about their work.  A fascinating, exhausting, and ultimately rewarding task--a part of the gig for which I was hired on, along with the lecture.  For those who might be interested, I'll be posting a link to the entire the lecture on The Buddha Diaries--probably as a sidebar--within the next few days.  It's really a kind of philosophical summary of my thoughts and feelings about painters and painting, and writers and writing in the contemporary, highly commercialized environment.  

I'll be writing more about The Painting's Edge when I've had time to rest up a bit and catch my breath.  For the moment, it's early morning, and I arrived back from the mountain after a long drive late last night.  Meantime, have a wonderful week...

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hele said...

Your blog makes me long to produce art. So much so that a part of me feels like chucking my studies and going back to making art.

Sigh... If only there were two of me.