Friday, October 31, 2008

Mirabile Dictu

... we moved back into our Laguna Beach cottage on Wednesday afternoon. "Moved back" is perhaps a slight misnomer. But at least we set up a kind of base camp, from which we hope in the next few days to get ourselves reorganized. It will take a while--and a good deal of work. I have my twice annual pair of teaching days this Thursday, yesterday and today, Friday, so a good deal of the labor falls on Ellie's shoulders--though we did get a very good start on Wednesday afternoon, and I worked with her from around six in the morning yesterday until leaving for my teaching stint, already exhausted, at eleven. Ellie labored nobly for the rest of the day. It's a matter, mostly, of unpacking the hundreds of boxes we packed three months ago, cleaning things up, deciding what stays and what goes out, and replacing everything as needed. All the while working between the contractor and the painter with all their paraphernalia. It looks like a busy weekend ahead of us, and I might give short shrift to The Buddha Diaries. Still, it does feel good to be getting this start on the remodel recovery program.

May we all find peace in our lives.


carly said...

From a politically and art savvy astrologer, Leigh Oswald in London, at, the November Perspective. If you want to forget the part the planets play, it's OK. She's still a good read.

"A repeat of controversial voting mechanisms and procedures evident in the last presidential election are likely, but potentially this time in more toxic form. Positively, the Mars Neptune line-up on the day also equates for many to a collective yearning for an archetypal young hero. Not a bad omen for Obama.

The good news is that Mercury exactly sextiles to Pluto also on the 4th, which is a plus for the power of incisive intelligence seeping through the fog and the struggle; and no doubt through any viciousness. Suffice it to say that despite conservative and negative knee jerk responses to change still palpable in many quarters, Obama’s chart is more advantaged than McCain’s. McCain has Saturn sitting right at the mid-point between his Venus and Neptune on the 4th: not a time of celebration, but of a stark reality check. If McCain should somehow prevail by fair means or foul, it will undoubtedly prove a much too heavy burden for him; and by default therefore, for us all."

There's much more at November Perspective,

roger said...

as below, so above. or is that vice versa? you're remodeling your cottage and the larger "we" are remodeling the country. let's hope for no last minute leaks or electrical (electoral) short circuits.

TaraDharma said...

best of luck to you and Ellie -- this kind of work takes a lot out of one, in every way. It is a major upheaval to have contractors in your home -- with or without you there.

May you find peace within the chaotic situation!

carly said...

I just saw pictures of the home of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, former president of United Arab Emirates, ruler of Abu-Dhabi.

It's sickening to think we paid for it one $3.50 a gallon at a time.

The home looks like a 10 star hotel, with 15 Rolls and BMW'S in the drive and an Audi made of pure silver metal.

And then I was struck by this thought. WE ARE FOOLS TO BELIEVE IN ANY POLITICIAN. WE ARE BEING SUCKER-PUNCHED. Those who rule are cut from the same cloth.