Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Today, finally, after a month of absurd miscommunications and false starts, I'm expecting a technician from AT&T to install their U-Verse system, intended to coordinate all the electronic systems in our house--computers, television, telephones--and a smaller overall bill. Ha! Let's hope that the system works more efficiently than the company that offers it. In the meantime, more travails: the hot water system sprang a leak yesterday; and the lights continue to act crazy. We are told there is a fix--at the usual vast expense.

I received this link from a friend yesterday, and offer it in the spirit of fun. Scroll down to enter your birthday if you're interested in finding out how many seconds you have spent on Earth--and other fascinating and useless information. Try it. It's good for a chuckle.

Enough. Here comes AT&T. Wish me luck!


roger said...

not to discourage you, he said slyly, but if your experience with at&t is anything like ours has been you'll need luck and patience aplenty. the perverse illusion of the reality of at&t offers more opportunities for deep breathing and meditation than even the reign of bush.

maybe that's a bit exaggerated.

good luck.

robin andrea said...

I love knowing how many seconds I've been on the planet.