Monday, November 24, 2008

Getting There

We're getting there, with our remodel job. Just a few more tasks to be completed, a few more touch-up jobs for the painter, a few more lights and sockets and we'll be done. True, we have a couple of add-ons that likely will not be done before Thanksgiving--a pair of bookshelves we've decided on for my study, a window box for the front of the house... But we can certainly live very nicely without these for a while, and their installation will not be nearly s disruptive of our lives. Since our arrival here on Saturday, we have been busy putting away and tidying: some stuff for storage, some for the garage sale, some give-aways, some for the trash. Tomorrow the carpet cleaners are scheduled to appear, to clean the mess made in the course of construction--but rain is forecast and already, now at four this afternoon, Monday, the clouds are gathering. We'll see what happens.

In the meantime, we expect re-delivery Wednesday of some furniture that has been out since the job began. Thursday, Thanksgiving, we have a small family gathering, so we hope to be moderately complete by then. Later this week, pictures...

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