Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Special Thank You...

... on Thanksgiving Day, for those of you who stop by to read The Buddha Diaries. Today--just a few minutes from now, as a matter of fact--I will be welcoming my 50,000th reader since I made the change from The Bush Diaries. It warms my heart that you live in every part of the world, and that so many of you share my hope and concern for the future of our beautiful planet and our own endangered species. Thank you!


carly said...

A happy one to you too, Peter, and Ellie.

It's a large gathering of friends and neighbors this afternoon for bird, here in the Los Feliz hills. But this morning it was left over spaghetti! Ugh, you may say, but after sixteen days in Thailand, happily fallen between episodes of populace revolt, having eaten their customary angel hair related egg noodles for breakfast, the idea of spaghetti noodles in the AM seems... quite normal. They also serve a great pan fried fish for early meal along with some other indescribably delicious little potato things and vegetable stir frys. Of course, I was in heaven with this array of differences in the morning meal, because as I told my new friends there, "I am here for the food", the sights and philosophy notwithstanding.

Having eaten Tommy Tang dishes for years in LA, I very much looked forward to Thai food in Thailand. And I was not disappointed. The breadbasket of Asia abounds with wonderful and different approaches to food, all of which I tried with gastronomical delight, as they say.

I even took a cooking class in Chien Mai! Noi was our master chef/teacher, with her two young assistants, Bang and Bee, who picked us up at the hotel, took us to her incredible neighborhood market place, taught us what to buy, and then to her home, where she is set up with work stations to teach pad Thai, home made curry paste, cashews and chicken stir fry, spring rolls, coconut and pork soup, and coconut and banana desert. And wow, was she a good teacher. Our copied dishes tasted as good as hers.

I know Noi's dinner will be as good today as ours, because this modest and talented lady celebrates healthy great food every day.

If you are ever in Chien Mai and you want to learn the best in home Thai cooking in Thailand, contact

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Peter. Blog on!


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Congratulations on your 50,000 visitors, Peter. That's quite a milestone.

PeterAtLarge said...

Thanks, Fred & Nock. Carly, welcome home. From the news, it looks like you just made it in time--with the airports in Bangkok under siege. What a great idea to take cooking lessons. Don't forget, we're on your doorstep!