Wednesday, December 10, 2008


That Illinois Governor, boy! Another male ego run amok! It seems to be the season... But actually, no. Regrettably, there's no season on this one.


Cardozo said...

Lock him in a room with Senator Stevens, and maybe they can do some soul-searching together.

News bulletin: Elected office is not a commodity!

thailandchani said...

"Chutzpah" about covers it. Yesterday, I watched coverage nearly all day. I can't believe the things he said!

Of course the realistic part of me knows this goes on all the time. He just got caught.


Cardozo said...

This comment thread is fucking golden, Peter.

Are you just going to put it out there for nothing?

If I were you I would sell some advertising space. Money is being lost!

(the message brought to you by Buy n Large)

PeterAtLarge said...

A bleak view, Chani, but not without some truth.

As for Cardozo, all I can say is (!) Why didn't I think of that?

robin andrea said...

The real question is this: How is Barack Obama tied up in all of this? He must be. The Republicans won't be able to thinklivebreathe if Obama can't be smeared. C'mon think of something quick.

Cardozo said...

Obama is like a tall tree in the forest. The tree provides shade and nutrients for mushrooms. Well, one of those mushrooms turned out to be poisonous, and some people are going to try and blame the tree.

Hazy words like "linked to" and "associated with" are being thrown around by some in the media as though they imply some level of guilt.

We gotta stand up for our guy. He hasn't let us down yet.

roger said...

perhaps we could lock him up with senator craig.