Friday, March 6, 2009


Just a brief note this morning. Since I was gone last weekend, this was the first day to wake up in our little cottage in Laguna Beach for two long weeks. It's glorious here. The (redone) cottage itself so welcoming, the little back patio so beautiful in the morning sunlight, the birds in full, joyous song, the water glimmering down the Buddha's face in our Buddha fountain...


With all the fear and chaos everywhere around us, we are privileged and blessed indeed to have this special Eden to escape to!

Passing on those feelings of peaceful joy to each of you herewith, in the hope that you're ready to receive them... Have a truly pleasant and peaceful weekend!


Robin said...

very blissful indeed.

and the most beautiful paradise is in our mind.

as it has always been there.

Nancy Youdelman said...

Beautiful photos! It is important to our well-being to create a wonderful space in and around our living areas.

I have a large mature garden around my house and studio, it has gotten a bit wild since I don't work in it the way that I used to.

But I love the wildness of it--it has a life of its own. Tons of perennials, roses, flowering things, lots of varieties of lavender and large trees that give a sense of peace and seclusion--I can be in my own world here.

Thanks for sharing your photos!

PeterAtLarge said...

Robin, yes, sometimes I manage to find my way into the serenity of that garden, free from the distractions. A lovely place to be...

Nancy, your garden sounds quite beautiful. Thanks for checking in!

TaraDharma said...

put the kettle on...I'll be right over.