Thursday, April 30, 2009

Out of It

Could it be for being gone so long? First in Europe, now nearly two weeks in Laguna? I find myself in a strange place, almost entirely lacking in motivation. I have plenty to read--too much, really--but find it hard to get myself together enough to pick up a book. This afternoon, I slept for an hour after lunch, did yesterday's NY Times crossword puzzle, and sat and wondered what to do next. Checked in on the Huffington Post, and checked out again...

Funny thing, Ellie was in this same kind of place until recently. Now she's down in her new studio, working away for hours on end. And I sit here wondering what to do with myself.

Next week, starting Monday, I'll be back in the office. Maybe something will grab me then. Maybe not.

Is it too early to switch on the TV?


robin andrea said...

It's never too early or too late to go for a walk. That always reinvigorates me. It might work for you too. Good luck.

sexy said...