Monday, May 18, 2009

A Busy Weekend

Up at 5:30 this Monday morning, to allow time for meditation and a walk around the hill with George. I missed my exercise on jury days last week, so I wanted to be sure to get in at least a quick twenty minutes. Very refreshing...

We had a good Sunday in town: a stop at Starbucks in Atwater for a cup of coffee and a muffin, then on the the Atwater Village market, where we bought vegetables for soup, and fruit. We had hoped to find honey on the comb, having brought some back with us from England and having so much enjoyed it. Alas, the honey lady told us that she no longer brought it to the market; the bees, she tld us, are having such a hard time with bare survival that they have little energy for comb-building. What they manage to do, she leaves for them. Another sad instance of the damage we're inflicting on the earth--and of course eventually on ourselves.

An hour's walk along the Los Angeles River bank--a walk we have not done for quite some time--and back home in time to rest up for a half-hour before setting out for our third big social event of the weekend, this one the 80th birthday part that I mentioned yesterday. Roland Reiss is one of those artists who has managed to follow his own remarkable path in a variety of media, AND be a teacher and mentor to uncountable numbers of young artists who have passed through the program he led for many years in the Art Department at Claremont Graduate School. Last year, he invited me to speak at The Painting's Edge, a wonderful, intense summer program for painters at the Idyllwild school for creative arts.

Dawn Arrowsmith, the artist and Roland's wife of many years, had invited me to join two others in offering a toast, and it felt like an honor to have the opportunity to add my voice to those celebrating Roland's life and work, and wishing him another wonderful decade of adventure in his extraordinary creative world.

Home in the evening, pretty much exhausted from a busy weekend. Glad to have taken the time for the meditation and walk, to be ready for a hard day's work at court!

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