Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jury Duty

You've caught me here in the jury room of the LA County Superior Court.  I called in, as per instructions, to report for service on Monday and Tuesday, but received recorded information that I was not needed.  I was beginning to be hopeful that I'd be spared this time around.  Alas, no.  I called in yesterday, and was instructed to show up at 7:30 this morning.  So here I am.  Just sat through an hour of welcome and explanations, and now sit waiting to find out if I will be called.  

Like most people I know, I have the basic instinct to flee.  Still, though, I have concluded that I'll serve others--and myself--a whole lot better if I get past the resistance and allow what happens to happen.  I've been in this country now for a good number of years, and this is only my second jury summons in all those years, so I can think of it as a way of giving back as a good citizen.  The worst part, thus far, is the boredom of hearing instructions repeated several times over and making sure the forms are filled out properly.  Perhaps, if I end up being selected, it will turn out to be more interesting the the waiting...

It's all a good teaching anyway.  I missed my meditation this morning, but have ample opportunity, even here, to breathe, watch the resistance, watch the impatience, watch all those other feelings that arise... and breathe again.  


khengsiong said...

Seriously, I find some of the verdicts by American jury laughable. Also, sometimes racial factor creeps in, whereby black and white jury members tend to have different opinion.

Anyway, hope you can do a good job.

Anonymous said...

if you are called on a case you'll be fascinated. Contact sport civic responsiblity. And the first hand chance to see why verdicts aren't predictable, Much of what goes on in a courtroom is outside the juries ears and much is not allowed, race may play apart but a bigger part is how the judge controls the evidence and the instructions to the jury, Have a informed time!