Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Beauty, the Beast, and the Boss

We left our Laguna cottage late yesterday afternoon on an excursion to the local Target store and were greeted by the sight...

of a beautiful cloud formation unlike any I have seen before, a mass of small, sheep-like clouds that seemed to have jumped out of their skins and left the trail behind them. I stopped the car to take a picture with my I-Phone.

Then, arriving at Target, we were greeted with a sight so ugly and hateful that I forgot to take my cell phone out to record it. Then, thinking about it later, I was glad that I had not, because I would not wish to promulgate the image on The Buddha Diaries. Outside the store, one of those Lyndon Larouche maniacs had set up a hideous little display that featured, prominently, twin portraits of Barack Obama--to one of which he had added a Hitler mustache. The man in question was ranting about the attempt to pass what he called a "Nazi" health care bill, and accusing Obama of "genocide." Clearly this man--I'd guess in his thirties--hadn't the first clue about Hitler or National Socialism. I resisted the temptation to scurry past and leave him to his misery, and simply told him that I thought his action was despicable. And was pleased to have been able to do it without the show of anger or indignation that might have provoked argument.

Later that evening, we tuned in to the first of the NBC news specials on the White House and its current occupant, and were much refreshed by the sight of this tirelessly energetic young man and his equally tireless team; by his seriousness of purpose as well as by his humor; by the lightness of his touch as well as by his powerful intensity. What a pleasure to watch him drive out to a local hamburger joint--even though accompanied by the necessary motorcade--and buy a couple of bags of burgers and fries to bring back to the White House for his staff. I'm much aware, of course, that such things are good for public relations, but the ease with which Obama was able to greet his fellow patrons and "shoot the breeze" was quite remarkable, and heartening to watch.

The man certainly has a magic in his human touch. I wish him well on his trip, tomorrow, to the Middle East. We could use a little magic in that part of the world.


Pete Hoge said...

I sense that this speech will
do some good in our mending of
ties with the world...let us eat
a little crow and show some maturity and perhaps issues can be

Thanks for commenting on my recent thign about the spiritual path is, "there is no going back".


Anonymous said...

What is Lyndon Larouche about?
I think he is in jail for tax evasion,but he claims it is persecution for speaking out. What does he want?

Alan Osler said...

I guess that you still fantasize about Obama being the chosen one.

Look at the evidence, mr Hippy. Try to disprove this LaRouche guy if he is so blatantly wrong. Right now it seems like you are whining that your orgasm was spoiled.

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