Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson: A Brief Elegy

I watched the sunset from our balcony last night: had Michael Jackson watched the sun go down the night before, I wondered, without the first idea it was the last he'd ever see? I know next to nothing about the boy-man and his music, but felt sad for him that so obviously a gifted a human being should have been given to live so evidently a painful life. I'm not a believer in afterlives, but should we be granted further opportunities to get things right, I wish him one of greater peace and happiness than the one he just concluded. Without media.


robin andrea said...

I wasn't much of a fan of his, but feel sorry that his death is now as much a spectacle as his painful, weird life. I'm sure Gov Sanford and Sen Ensign are delighted by the turn of the spotlight.

Udaka said...


1. Excessive wealth doesn't bring us happiness.

2. Life is filled with ups and downs - you may be rich and famous at one point in time, and poor and notorious at another.

3. No matter how rich or famous you become, you are still very much imperfect, still as human as anyone else.

4. The physical can never transcend the spiritual, not even the mental. (Read The Tragic End Of Michael Jackson by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach:

5. We have to help ourselves before others can help us. (Read Michael Jackson: The Changing Faces of A Pop Superstar by Anita Singh:

6. Don't over-trust celebrities and personalities - they may not be as nice as they appear to be.

7. Death often comes unexpectedly.

8. Take good care of your loved ones before it's too late.

9. Why fight so hard, when we leave as we came, alone and empty-handed?

10. In the end, only kindness matters. (Read Thank You Michael Jackson For Your Life Long Charity Work by Katie Mckoy: and Michael Jackson and Philanthropy by Ian Wilhelm: