Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Money Dream

So we found ourselves walking in a vast, deserted plaza in some strange city, tall buildings barely visible in the distance. An escalator led us down to a lower level, this one also vast but not quite so deserted. It seemed that Ellie went on ahead of me and I lost track of her for a while. I came upon a coffee shop and inquired if anyone had seen her, and a young man said, Yes, Ellie Blankfort is over there.

I followed the direction he indicated, into a large adjacent open-air space lined with picnic tables, and found Ellie sitting at one of them. As we walked on, she told me she had taken out another loan. I was furious. We had only recently secured our re-finance, why would we need another loan? We had already borrowed four hundred and fifty thousand dollars, I said (which is not what we owe), why would we need more money? Why had she done such a thing? Ellie answered only, because she could. I demanded to know the details, but she adamantly refused to disclose the amount, the interest, the monthly payments. I told her angrily that she would have to pay the installments out of her own bank account.

We walked on, finding ourselves now in a long, low, barn-like building, dark and musty. George--who was not our George, but some kind of small terrier--unearthed a rat and scrabbled after it. We passed another rat, this one dead, lying on its back, its white belly showing, and I hoped that George would miss it. He did, and we walked on into the end of the dream...

Your interpretations welcome. Thank you.

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Twilight said...

I've always thought that dreams have little or nothing to do with the actual story detail of the dream (finances in this case), and more with the underlying feeling involved (anxiety) in this case.

I think your dream is your sleeping mind's way of translating, and even magnifying in colorful fashion, some minor, anxiety you have at present. :-)