Monday, January 4, 2010


I took George out for his morning walk at about 6:30 this morning, and the dawn was so utterly spectacular, I had to go back for the camera. I caught the sky just past its blushing best:

These blow up well, but I wish I could have caught those brilliant pinks. Guess I need to be up and out a little sooner, if I want to catch the worm.

We're off on a jaunt to Palm Springs in a couple of hours. It has become a tradition, in recent years, to celebrate Ellie's early January birthday with a trip rather than presents, so soon after Christmas. This year of (still, in my book) recession, we decided on a short one, so we'll be gone for just a couple of days. Then back to Laguna Beach to pick up George...

... (looking regal here, no? If not downright snooty!) for the return to our Los Angeles digs for an unusual weekend in the city. We have been fortunate to have had nearly a full month down here in Laguna. Let's hope that dawn bodes well for the coming days.

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robin andrea said...

That's a beautiful sky, peter. Great colors. Have a safe and delightful journey. Happy birthday wishes to Ellie.