Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Lazy Day

Today I have hardly the stamina or the inner resources required to brave the opinion pages of the New York Times. The times are indeed dispiriting. One wishes for a sign of some gumption, somewhere in the country, either in Washington or out here, among the thinking electorate. The only gumption I see is of the misguided, philistine, boorish kind. We did spend an excellent day, yesterday, with fellow members of the Art Council at the Laguna Art Museum, exploring the cultural highlights of the city of Riverside. More about that in another entry, perhaps tomorrow. Today, I go to that same Laguna Art Museum to give a talk about "Persist" and, hopefully, sign a few books. In the current desultory atmosphere, I'll be delighted if a handful of good souls show up...

Meantime, though, let me share my delight in these pictures of our grandchildren, sent yesterday from England. Here's Sherlock Joe and Doctor Georgia, twins, at that house on Baker Street:

And here they are again with their older sister, Alice, in the company of young Paul and Ringo at Madame Tussaud's:

And of course with that naughty old British master, Hitch:

So who can be too grouchy, when these spirits abound?


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Gary said...

The sweet birds of youth give a lift to our hearts!

robin andrea said...

You have boy and girl twin grandchildren? I love that! I have a twin brother, and my sister gave birth to boy and girl twins! They run in families. Your two are absolutely adorable.

Ah yes, much better to look at these loving faces than to look at the news. A good choice, peter.