Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Getting Ready...

... to celebrate. I noted this morning, on checking in with my site meter, that my visitor count stood at that moment at exactly 99,000--with another 150,000 "page views," whatever that means. This means that in a short while The Buddha Diaries will top 100,000--or a quarter of a million visits plus views!

I'm amazed. It seems only a short while since I was celebrating fifty thousand. Since the publication of "Persist," in fact, daily readership of The Buddha Diaries has shown a significant increase, and this clearly has to do with all the promotional efforts I have made to spread word about the book.

It is profoundly gratifying for one who identifies himself as a writer, as I do, to know that there are people out there reading what I write--and often returning regularly for more.

I have a plan, to mark the occasion: since I'm very often able to tell, from Sitemeter, the location of my visitors, in order, by city and country, I plan to be watching for the hundred thousandth and will hope to send that person a commemorative copy of "Persist." It can only work, however, if I identify the location--city, country, time--on the following day's entry, and that person sends me an email with their street address. I have no idea whether this plan will work, but I'm keen to give it a try. It might turn out to be a fascinating puzzle...


Gary said...

The garden spider catches the light on moisture
that gathered by night in concentric fibers it wove
from it's memory and might

It flowers the garden with engineering art and
gives us wonder how so little can hold the sun in
perfect repose

100,000 guests pause to reflect this symphony of grace and rings of fire shimmering in days first light

The sider sleeps the day gathering its powers while we visit his garden and tend the sight

Anonymous said...

congratulations, Stuart