Thursday, February 4, 2010

Persist: A Review

I just received a copy of this wonderful review of Persist by Long Beach art writer and blogger, James Scarborough. I was delighted that he managed to put in words precisely what I scarcely dared hope a good reader might find in the book.

Let me "persist" for a moment. Please, if you are able and have not already done so, give a thought to ordering a copy. Please also, if you can, include a mention of the book on your own blog or to those of your friends and associates you think might be interested. If you think you can write a review and can contact a good number of readers please let me know and I'll send a review copy: I have a limited number still available.

I am really thrilled with the way things are developing. I have a good number of speaking gigs scheduled now, and will try to keep readers posted in case they should be happening in your area. And the book is getting a wonderful response from readers who have contacted me. If you are on Facebook, I would love to get your contributions to the ongoing discussion on the Persist page. Let me know if you have any further ideas about what I could do to spread the word. I'd appreciate your input.


Lillian said...

I've followed your writings for many years now and am delighted that this book has so many of your wonderful essays and articles in one wonderful place. As an artist this is a book that I will re-read over and over again. I've posted this review on my facebook page. Congratulations Peter!

Nancy Youdelman said...

Dear Peter,
I just now ordered your book and can't wait to read it. Thank you for making it so easy to order! Just a couple of clicks and it is done.

Gary said...

The review will take me back to read the book a third time and I'll need to rewrite my review after reading Mr Scarborough's excellent work!

Olivia said...

Dear Peter,
Your writing and insight is exquisite. You speak for all the artists whom are born with the passion to express hidden treasures of what it is to be human. You strike that universal chord of the need to make art. The way you develop your thoughts and your use of language gives me chills and makes me want to CRY. I find myself saying, "yes, yes, yes, that's exactly it... he has said what I have felt in the core of my artistic being!" I hope you continue to have the courage and the humility to speak from the heart. CHEERS to you Peter... you're a true artist/writer. Many thanks for your gift and for making it public.