Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday morning

This is not a great moment for The Buddha Diaries. I am mightily distracted by events arising from the publication and promotion or "Persist"--all good things, really, but more demanding of attention than I would wish.

Today, please note this review by Ken McLeod who teaches Buddhism, his blog, Musings, announces modestly, "from time to time for 'oh, these many long years.'" Ken is the author of an excellent call to Wake Up to Your Life, a book which I reviewed years ago for the Los Angeles Times; and of An Arrow to the Heart, a bold and innovative poetic commentary on the Heart Sutra. His blog is called Musings.

I now have to get back to the task of reviewing all those applications resulting from my Craig's List post for a replacement for my part-time assistant Daniel. I trust that I will find more time tomorrow.


Mollie said...

I really want to read "Persist!"

How do you end up doing events at schools? I'm a university student in La Verne, CA and I'm not very familiar with the logistical end of getting guest speakers, but between the Claremont Colleges and ULV, I've gotten to hear some interesting ones.

PeterAtLarge said...

Mollie, yes, please read my book! And let me know what you think about it. Most schools have a guest speaker program, with either a faculty member or a faculty committee making decisions. I usually contact the appropriate art department and simply ask if there would be any interest. And hope that it reaches the right person. Good luck with your studies!