Monday, March 8, 2010


This morning, rather than write anything myself--because I feel lazy--I offer you this link sent to me by my friend Stuart, an artist and a stalwart reader of The Buddha Diaries. In other words, he has his head screwed on right. I think this video is brilliant, because it shows us how we could make our voices heard, if we chose to do so. Too often I know I sit around and mope a bit about how bad things are and wish I knew how to wake people up, because in my judgment vast numbers of us are asleep. These guys have the guts and the balls to actually go out there and do it. With wit. With biting humor. (Or, in this case, humour.) Thanks, Stuart. Good on you, as they say Down Under. See you Wednesday at The Ebell Club in Highland Park. (I should use a megaphone.)

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CHI SPHERE said...

Mega Agitprop seems wholly appropriate and perfect
in a world gone deaf and blind to mass mediated