Thursday, April 8, 2010


... was theme park day for the family. They went off to Universal City for the day. We kindly allowed them to go without us! Here they are...

The last picture, it seems, was the aftermath of an airplane zooming in to land on a patch of water in front of the audience. Matthew got soaked.

They returned home delighted with the experience of the day, and with innumerable excited stories, many of them told simultaneously over dinner. Great that they had such fun.

As for we two... we stayed home for a good part of the day, though Ellie felt obliged to go out on a grocery shopping expedition in the morning, to prepare for the family's return. I spent a few hours with my new assistant, Emily, who has been working on promotional plans for "Persist" in my absence. Next week, we plan to get re-started on this project. I have two speaking gigs, and much work to be done to retool my energies in this direction. In the meantime, one last full day with the gang today. Now... breakfast time!

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