Friday, May 21, 2010


A friend just told us about this series, Masterclass, on HBO, and we watched a couple last night. (Don't know when they actually air, because our TV service automatically records HBO series; but they're well worth watching of you can find them.) The idea is for a handful of specially talented young students to encounter a "master" for two-three days--we saw them working with Olafur Eliasson, the Danish artist who works with light, water, color, and magical space modifications, both interior and exterior--he did the "waterfalls" in New York City you might have read about; Liv Ullman, the Norwegian actress whose work with Ingmar Bergman is legendary and who is now also a director; and the Spanish-born tenor, Placido Domingo. Quite a line-up of talent for these young people to learn from.

Amongst all the great reflections on art and the creative process, this one stands out:

"Don't ever feel ready"--Placido Domingo.

It's akin to my own adage, "How do I know what I think 'til I see what I say," because the suggestion it carries, for me, is that I must always be ready for the next discovery, the next surprise.

It has, too, some relevance to the discussion of "branding" that's still going on over at Persist: The Blog. As I see it, branding assumes that I already know who I am as an artist--writer, musician, actor... If I brand myself, I become a known entity. Creativity, though, is all about discovering who I am--those parts of me, those ideas, those paths I don't already know. This is what makes it exciting, and eternally new.

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Paul said...

Peter, I'd like to introduce you to Bob Sterry. I think the two of you would have much to talk about in the areas of art, writing, politics, you name it - especially after reading his latest blog post:

Oh, and did I mention he's from Merrie Old?