Monday, May 17, 2010

A New Question

I just posted a "question of the week" on Persist: The Blog. I'd love you to join in the discussion, if the question interests you. Meanwhile, I'm working on a piece for The Buddha Diaries which is about religion, faith, and related matters. I hope to have it ready to post tomorrow.

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CHI SPHERE said...

I work in both areas of art production.

Commercial art is directed by marketing decisions and fine art is directed by emotional and intellectual exploration. Often more than not commercial art is a group effort that expresses the producers desire to be accepted
And purchased Commercial art helps producers sell product that are not yet known or that need further exposure to be commercially viable.

Fine Art production is a discovery process that has no set of prescribed intentions other than being responsive to the interaction of mind and body.
Art that seeks to extend the envelope of what Art can be is often has a small audience because it can not be labeled as there is nothing like it to compare.