Sunday, May 2, 2010

Not To Be Mean, But...

.... what to make of this poll of Republican voters? My son sent me the link to this Daily Kos entry yesterday, and what it suggests about self-identified Republican voters is breathtaking ill-will, ignorance and stupidity. I had wanted to credit them with better than this.

39 percent believe that Obama should be impeached (for what "high crimes and misdemeanors?) and 29 percent on top of that are "not sure" whether he should be impeached or not!

63 percent believe that he's a "socialist", and another 16 percent are "not sure." Do they even know what socialism is? Do they have social security? Medicare? Do they use the public school system? Drive on state and interstate highways?

An astounding 36 percent believe that Obama was not born in the United States, and another 22 percent are not sure--leaving only about one third of Republicans who believe that he was born in the US!

24 percent believe that Obama "wants the terrorists to win," and 33 percent profess to be unsure about this.

And how's this? 53 percent of self-identified Republicans believe that Sarah Pail is more qualified to be President of the United States and 33 percent are unsure. Leaving only 14 percent of them who believe Obama to be more qualified.

The rest of it--on the issue of gay rights, for instance--is too despicable to mention. I had wanted to hang on to the remnants of my equanimity when it came to politics, but it just gets harder and harder when you read this kind of thing. A recent poll, as I recall, suggested that the tea-baggers were of above-average intelligence. Or education. Or something. With people who hold these outrageously absurd beliefs, how is that possible?

As my son said in his cryptic, one-word email: "Creepy."


robin andrea said...

The thing that scares me the most is that these same people are often the ones with the guns.

CHI SPHERE said...

These CrEePy stats are expressions of mass mediated victims response to fear mongering.

They own the guns out of fear. Fear drives the
majority of this portion of the population to mob the store prior bad weather rather than be prepared. It will play large in the upcoming immigration legislation.

Obama is some people's worst nightmare. In fact that's all he really is for some people. In reality it's just a dream who content is poison coated in

It's just a FOX fantasy!