Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Sunday Kvell

(That's a "boast," for you non-Yiddish speakers... Well, that's not strictly accurate. Boasting is what you do to the world outside. Kvelling starts within. The word derives from the German quellen, meaning to swell, which is what the heart does, with pleasure and pride.) So this here's a story written, unaided, by my 8-year-old granddaughter, Georgia Clothier. Read it, all you sci-fi writers, and weep! Ray Bradbury, move over!


CLICK BEEP MMMM was all I could hear when I was up in the enemy control center. It was the most terrifying thing I had ever been through. I knew I was trapped and could not leave until I surrendered. I didn’t want to betray my spy team but I did not want to die so it was a tough decision. I figured if I found the x panel I could have them under my control but where was it? I took a paper clip out of my pocket and twisted it in the lock that held the brown ropes which trapped me. Then I untied the ropes and sand began to pour through tiny holes in the metal walls beside me. Now I was really trapped. there was a sudden crash and a zap of a super laser. I knew it must have been someone but who? A few more zaps and thumping of more heavy boots came to my ears and the person who crashed through the window was heading towards me. Was it friend or foe I did not have a clue but it was heading at a rapid speed. THUMP THUMP ZAP ZAP ZAP once again but this time it was louder and clearer. They were coming closer by the second. Suddenly the man with the laser shouted I must help my friend!” now I knew it was my partner, Bill. I suddenly remembered about the sand. It was up to my chest! help” I cried in a great hurry. The black wooden doors flew open and all of the sand rushed out. There standing in front of me was Bill. We wasted no time. He threw me a parachute and a laser and we ran as fast as we could to the window. look out cried Bill as a bullet shot towards me. I ducked. It hit the window. I stood on the ledge took a breath and jumped. Bill came flying after me. I pulled the string and the parachute shot up above me. We walked back to the h.q. and told everybody what had happened. Peter asked Bill. how long did it take for the sand to reach your chest?”

about 3 minuets I replied. I knew we had to go back to get the X panel so I went to collect my things. I collected everything I might have needed and put them all into my backpack. I pulled on my steel studded boots and my bulletproof jacket. Last of all I strapped my helmet on. I was ready to go. I slipped on the backpack and hurried down the stone steps. Bill was waiting for me there. We ran down the streets and burst through the window. I pulled out my laser and held it up. Someone snapped and an army troop marched out from nowhere. I pulled the trigger and a purple electric zap came shooting out. I pulled it again and the same happened. They suddenly dashed forward and it began. One was heading straight for me so I pulled the trigger. He stumbled backwards and landed heavily on a pile of boxes. I rushed forward and pulled it again he jumped in shock and fell backwards knocking over 3 of his team mates. I held the trigger down and turned around zapping 20 enemy’s and the knocked over 10 more when falling. In the corner of my eye I noticed a round disc. It was the X panel! I rushed forward holding the trigger down in case anyone got in my way. I stopped to take some duct tape out of my backpack and ripped some off. I taped the trigger down so I wouldn’t have to hold it down. I dashed forward and stopped at the disc. I pulled and tugged at it and finally screwed it off. I carefully placed it in my bag. I dashed back to the main room and found Bill shooting and zapping. I told him I had got it and we raced to the window. I jumped smoothly and tugged the string, I landed on the pavement and we walked back to the h.q. Boss was very pleased so we fitted the panel In and finally we got the computer to work!

See what I mean?