Friday, July 23, 2010


George is home from surgery, a little bit dopey--and a bit grumpy--as is to be expected, but otherwise in good shape...

He thanks everyone who was so concerned about him. As you can tell from the cell phone picture, he is obviously NOT keen on his Elizabethan collar, and has not yet adjusted to giving things the necessary wide berth. Stairs are still a challenge for him, because he gets the edge of the thing caught on the stair he's trying to navigate. But he did manage to jump up on the bed this morning, unaided--and received inordinate praise for the achievement.

Our midnight adventure was to be woken by this small, plaintive bark--to discover that he has pee'ed all over our bedroom carpet. Further investigation turned up more pee soaked into the duvet. I had taken him out for his usual before-bedtime walk, but I guess he was too dopey to perform. They had him on IVs during surgery, and probably dripped him lots of water to keep him hydrated. Poor dog! I think he was somewhat mortified by his accident. For us, well, if the worst thing is cleaning up a little pee in the middle of the night, we can't complain too much.

As for George's eyesight, I did notice, in the vet's office while we were waiting for the final paperwork, that he seemed to be taking unusual notice of what was happening around us, as though seeing things for the first time. The doctor says his eyesight is one hundred percent improved. The ball test remains to be applied.

I won't mention the bill, except to say that I put it on the credit card. Maybe the extra miles with provide us with a free first class flight to the New Zealand... when we can bring ourselves to leave poor George behind.


robin andrea said...

George is going to be so happy with his new vision, and when he gains control of his body functions again! He is a lucky, well-loved pup.

mandt said...

Oh, such good news! You go George--- a new lease on life..

Anonymous said...

kisses and belly rubs for Georgie