Monday, August 16, 2010

Ah, Monday!

The skies are almost clear this morning... I imagine that within an hour or so we shall have sunlight--an unusual event for this time of day, this year. It has been an extraordinarily gloomy and cold summer, for Southern California. Yesterday, I set out at ten to fetch Ellie from the sangha--I had decided, exceptionally, to sit at home instead of with the group--and the exterior temperature gauge in the Prius read 59 degrees. Which suggests that, at six, say, it could not have been more than mid-fifties--a winter norm for us. Amazing! And much of the Midwest and East Coast swelters.

Something is happening and the worst of it is, we don't know what it is, do we, Mr. Jones? My friend Gary sent me this link to a recent presidential order from the White House concerning the protection of our great lakes and oceans. Lefties notwithstanding, this President has managed to do some good things for the country and the world. And the alternative looks worse by the day...


robin andrea said...

A quote from the San Francisco Chronicle writer Mark Morford:
"Brutal heatwaves, horrendous floods, enormous icebergs. Good thing global warming is a hoax, or this sure would be troubling."

CHI SPHERE said...

Yes Robin, there are still some that believe that the world is flat and was created in seven days. As we approach mid term elections and the fervor over who was responsible for the stupid economy or global warming heats up it will be our responsibility to get out the vote to support a leader who stands for doing as much as he can in while sour grapes vote no for anything that looks like reason and progress.