Monday, August 23, 2010

A Cut

It was a small matter of cutting a large white onion into thick slices, ready for the barbecue. I have done it many times. Instead, yesterday, I chose to make a long incision into the index finger of my left hand. The knife was new and sharp. The pain was immediate, a flash of it. The blood flowed freely.

Inattention? Unskillfulness?

Remembering my father's insistence that each of the fingers has a special meaning, I turned to the Internet to see if I could find out why I had chosen this particular finger to cut and I happened upon Amy the Palm Reader. Unfortunately, her fine chart was cut off at the very spot in question, but I did pick up a couple of useful pieces of information. One was that the top of the finger--the part into which I so neatly sliced--represents the spiritual (the middle section represents the practical, the lower section, the basic.) The second is that the index finger is Jupiter, "the chief god ruling over laws and social order, so the Jupiter finger represents leadership and interest in laws." Also, I seem to remember from my father's lore, the left hand represents the feminine. Hmmm. I have some thinking to do about all of this. There has to be some subtle explanation... Perhaps you can help?

While I'm thinking, you might have fun with the fascinating science of palmistry. Here you will find more hand charts than you ever needed to see. In the meantime, I must nurse my wound and change the bandages...

As you can see, it took three Band-Aids in a row to cover the whole length of it. And it's still throbbing, this morning.

We did have a good evening, though, with our dinner guests...


robin andrea said...

Ouch, Peter. I always worry I'm going to do that very thing. I hope you wound heals quickly. It has never occurred to me to seek out the palmistry perspective on where I've sliced my fingers or hand. Very interesting.

TaraDharma said...

glad you didn't require emergency medical services.

and, as Freud said, "Sometimes a cut is just a cut!"


Anonymous said...

it was the full moon. I believe.
yesterday I ley an electric drill slip and put a nice hole in my left index finger. only two band aids.

I think full moon

PeterAtLarge said...


Buddha Shakya said...

Not every small things have special meaning in life, accidents just happen because we are not conscious enough. Hope your cut is not so painful and you will get well soon.

Buddha Bless Us All.

Tashi Delek!!!