Sunday, September 19, 2010


Tea Party enthusiasts may fervently believe their "movement" to be a grass roots conservative resurgence.

That's questionable, at best.

The truth now appears more likely to be that they are not the freedom advocates they believe themselves to be. Instead, they are the unwitting tools of those who would take advantage of their inchoate rage and disempowerment to achieve goals that are inimical to their best interests.

Their enthusiasm is being bought, converted into political power, and cynically exploited by those who seek to multiply already excessive fortunes. They have been persuaded to transfer their treasured freedoms from the government they hate into the hands of the hidden oligarchs who pull their strings.

The beyond-rich inundate the airwaves with distortions and lies in order to control the outcome of supposedly democratic elections; in increasing numbers, like Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina here in California and a multitude of candidates elsewhere, they pour their millions into the funding of their own campaigns, or those of people they can manipulate to do their bidding when elected.

Am I paranoid? You bet!

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Richard said...

Where there is an anger like this, someone will always seek to direct it to their own ends. The rich, as always, are simply seeking to protect their own vested interests.