Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mad Men

This mind-boggling piece of garbage got mostly buried in the jungle of 24-hour news. It should be seen. If you haven't yet seen it, be patient for a moment through the Chris Matthews intro before you get to the red meat. This man, Newt Gingrich, has not until quite recently been widely perceived as a right-wing fanatic; and the fact that he puts himself forward as a rational spokesman for Republican ideals and goals should make us all shudder. Please listen to what he has to say. And note the audience response, cheering the ravings of this mad man as though they were Gospel.

At least Eugene Robinson paid attention, in a Washington Post op-ed piece. The man is out of his mind.


mandt said...

"The man is out of his mind" It would seem, but, to those have watched his career with alarm, he is merely at that stage of our national decline in which we can name him for what he is---a fascist. Our very own Oswald Mosely.

CHI SPHERE said...

The other kind of newt is an aquatic lizard that can regenerate limbs and organs. After a life of calling out others on their morals (he carried on an affair within his second marriage while roasting Clinton) and baiting fringe elements in the tea bag arena, he now steps way over the line into finger pointing Sharia law as our own!

Crawl back under the slimy rock from whence you came and grow a brain Newt!