Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Two Dreams

I'm not back. Just popping in. I have a couple of dreams to note down...

First dream, I am about to die from a gunshot to the back of the head. I feel the metal of the pistol against my skull and hear the sobs of the man who is about to kill me, execution-style. Perhaps he has not done this before. I am quite certain that in the next instant I will be dead. In this predicament, my mind expands into a surprisingly peaceful space, a not unpleasant gray emptiness where there is no physical sensation, no mental disturbance, no fear. It's a state not far from bliss.

It seems that I am with a squad of anti-terrorists. I do not die, perhaps thanks to the intervention of my team. A woman leads me through a white, wood paneled door into a small space, no more than a threshold, really, surrounded by four white doors, none of which has a door knob. She chooses one to push--she knows which one is the right one--and we find ourselves immediately in another, identical space: four white doors, no knobs , and on into the next and then the next. The terrorists are behind us, but we know the secret of which door to push and know that they will be delayed, behind us, by having to proceed by trial and error. We finally join the rest of our team and ready our weapons for their arrival...

The next dream takes place at a huge party outdoors, in a canyon. Ellie is with me. We seem to know some of the guests, but without being able to identify them. I eat and eat. I ask for a glass of red wine and receive a huge tumbler which causes general amusement. As we prepare to say goodbye to our host, he offers me a hit from the cigarette he is smoking. I have not smoked a cigarette for more than twenty years, but I take a puff. I tell him it is only to see the expression on Ellie's face.

I hope I explained myself when I checked out the other day. I did not mean to suggest I was on extended hiatus, as some readers seem to have understood. It's just a couple of weeks. The revisions on the book I mentioned are proceeding nicely. Bear with me. I'll be back soon, I promise.


Steven H said...

Interesting dreams. Do they have any significance to you?

I just got done watching your TEDx talk. Very nice!

Good luck with your book. I hope to read more from you soon!

PeterAtLarge said...

Thanks, Steven. Not sure what those dreams mean. I'll be mulling them over...

gregg chadwick said...

Best of luck with your revisions.
I will be back from Europe on October 20th just in time to catch up with you. My exhibit goes very well and Italy beckons next.
I will provide a full debrief on my return as well as my long-awaited interview. Thanks for your incredible patience.

Vyvyan said...

Hello Peter, wow! You brought back memories of a dream I had years ago. I dreamed I was asleep and heard a noise in the house. Just as I sat up in bed, a gunman burst into the room and shot me. I saw the flame come out of the gun (like the movies?), felt the pain as I was hit in the collarbone, and I fell out of bed (in the dream, not in real life). At that point I awakened rather shaken. Certainly one of those dreams that you never forget! I wonder what it all means. The strange part to me is actually dreaming that I was asleep!

I'm pleased to know your hiatus is almost over and the manuscript is coming along well.

Patiently awaiting your return,