Saturday, November 6, 2010

From Stockbridge, MA

We were greatly saddened yesterday, on our travels, to hear news of the death of a much-loved friend of many years. Miriam Wosk was an artist whose life's work deserves more attention than I am able to give it on the road, as we end our two weeks on the east coast with a weekend in the Berkshires. I will return to this in the next few days, when back in Los Angeles. Be it said now, though, that this beautiful woman and generous spirit left us far sooner than we would have wished, and that she will be much missed by those many who surrounded her with love.

As you see, we are now in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, nicely installed at the Red Lion Inn for the weekend. Yesterday, our nephew Danny picked us up in a rental car at our apartment building on 56th Street and drove us out here through the beautiful countryside of upstate New York. The weather has been cold and damp, but promises to be sunny for the next couple of days. We are much looking forward to the change of pace.

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