Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry, Merry...

George poses in a borrowed "Ho, Ho, Ho!" jacket with scant tolerance for the indignity...

Despite which, he joins us in sending good wishes to all.

And here's the Buddhist Christmas poem I wrote for Ellie:


... when you forget (and here,

by “you” I mean not just

you, but you and me and

everyone;) when you

forget to remember

who you think you are

and what you think, and

what you think you know,

and what you think

you need; when you

leave thought behind

and words give way

to silence; and when

silence yields in turn

to measureless, spacious

emptiness; then, some-

times the mind is freed

from rage and fear

and grief, expanding

into the great solace

and the possibility of joy.

(For Ellie, at Christmas,

and for all good friends,

with love)


mandt said...

"and the possibility of joy" Always that which keeps us human and grounded. Peace to you and a tum rub for George!

robin andrea said...

Yes to that, Peter, and happy holidays to you and Ellie.

eva stupler said...

Beautiful thoughts Peter and I'm taking it as it was ment for me too.
I'm in a low right now, which happens often after I am together with a large part of my family, some of them I'll not see for another year. And so many things can and will happen in a year. It took me a full year of treatment to (hopefully) get rid of my breast cancer.
I'm also thinking of all the people who lost their homes during these terrible storms. We only got a leak in our ceilling, one closet had to be emptied out and it feels like a catastrophy right now. In a few days a new year starts and with it a new outlook of my life.
Your blog helped me tremendously during my down times and made me think of applying some ideas in my life.
Happy New Year for you and Ellie,

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Lovely, Peter! Wishing much joy to you and Ellie today and every day. (And sympathies to George in his mortification of the flesh.)