Monday, December 13, 2010

A Question

Does anyone have any wisdom/insight on the relative benefits of Blogger and Wordpress? Anyone with any experience to share? I have been with Blogger since I started, in 2004; but have heard suggestions that Wordpress offers more bells and whistles. Are they worth it? Has anyone made the switch? Is it complicated? Worth the time? I'd really appreciate feedback.

Oh, and for your viewing pleasure, another delectable photograph, just pirated from Jean, at Tasting Rhubarb... For a better, larger image, please go there.


Jean said...

Wordpress is clearly way superior, in design options, the overall look of the page whatever your design, the different functions avaialable as part of the basic package or as 'plug-ins', the extra spaces for links to and samples of your other work, and I'm told that Wordpress blogs get at least twice as much ongoing new traffic because they are more searchable. However, I have tried several times and I cannot make head nor tail of the most basic instructions for setting up a wordpress blog, so it's not an option for me. But if I was more tech-savvy or could afford to pay someone to set up a wordpress blog for me, I wouldn't hesitate.

Glad you liked the photo!

CHI SPHERE said...

Jean is right about Wordpress. Since you have an in house tech I suggest you change over Peter.

mandt said...

Many of my writer friends extol Wordpress, but I have trouble leaving comments on those sites. The process is too complicated.

Jean said...

Commenting on the wordpress blogs that I read requires name and email address (latter not published on blog). You can enter your url, for inclusion in comment and for readers to link back to you, if you want to. Blog will remember your details for next time if you ask it to, so you only ever have to enter this info once on a blog you read regularly. Thus much more open and easy than blogger for a range of commenters, whether or not they have their own web presence.

I think any further requirements must be down to options selected by the blog owners.