Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hello, Friends

Just a quick note from the spectacularly beautiful Golfo Dulce, where we're back on board after a long kayaking along the mangrove-lined bay. I have about three minutes to post before my laptop turns into a pumpkin. If there are readers who are at all interested in the tropilcal cruise we're on, there is apparently a website (www.expeditions.com) where there is a daily update at DER--Daily Expedition Report. Online time at an absolute premium here, so this may be the last you'll hear from me before our return. Pictures from yesterday's long hike into the rain forest. Goodwill all around!

1 comment:

Daniel said...

Peter! What a time for your blog to be on vacation...during a precious island of time when the national political debate is centered on how to make itself more civil and productive.

Please do post thoughts on AZ shootings, Obama speech, etc when you get can. Meanwhile, enjoy the beautiful scenery. You look like a little kid out there. Happy Birthday, Ellie!