Friday, March 4, 2011


It's unspeakably sad that our species has learned so little, in this world, that a single madman is still free to massacre his people and wreak such havoc with impunity. It is astounding that this man, Muammar Khaddafi, no matter how you spell his name, continues to control the situation in Libya, despite the fact that the entire world has known him to be delusional for years.

We have lived through many of his kind--and uncountable numbers have been slaughtered by their hands. History teaches us about them. Their names live in infamy. We should by now be able to spot them when they come along. And still we seem to be able to do nothing, when they do, but watch the terror from the sidelines.

I was writing the other day about the ruthlessness of certain politicians. I guess this is the quality that also gives these men their power. If you can awaken enough fear in the hearts of your fellow humans, if you are ready to torture, dispossess and kill without a single moment of compunction, it's possible to bend your countrymen to your will. If I order the execution of my lieutenant for a minor disagreement, the next one in line will not be so ready to disobey.

Is it not extraordinary that we human beings have not as yet developed either the skill or the will to deprive such people of their power? Clearly, once it has rooted itself deeply enough--as it has in the forty-years rule of this tyrant in Libya--it becomes impossible to root out. Outside intervention, no matter the source, is likely only to make matters worse.

So we stand by powerlessly, and wring our hands, and watch, as the same ugly drama is replayed yet one more time. Shame on us!


roger said...

our own govt and many others, england among them, propped up this guy for their own venal reasons. he is our monster.

PeterAtLarge said...

Agreed. Sadly. Cheers, P

CHI SPHERE said...

Oil sickness breeds sick monsters that we have all fed with our habitual over use use of finite resources. Can we say that the ARCO, BP and Monsanto agenda is any less greedy or selfish? The obvious answer is no.

My oldest son asked why can't we send a drone in and stop this mad man in a second? My answer was that we have agreed not to intervene in the lives and governments of others. His response was, "But dad, we are doing just that in Iraq and Afghanistan right now!". I responded by saying that, "We don't assassinate leaders outright because they are evil even when the entire world knows they are mad and are destroying their own people in front of the media and denying it with smiles and laughing in our faces".

His last words were very right on when he said , "Then we are all monsters and deserve what ever happens unless we can overcome our foolish rules
occasionally to eliminate an evil which destroys us all. What about the backbone you say we should all have when we see injustice. Where is it now!".

Sweet bird of youth speaks the truth.